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Near Field Communication (NFC) for Signage

NFC tags are ADA compliant and provide audio and visual content to visitors. Communicate historic information, directions, videos, contact forms or any content relevant to the surroundings. Gives patrons an opportunity to connect directly with specific content on your website to the environment they are in.

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The Power of Producing Prototypes

This prototype was used to test more than just illumination, but this video shows what full-color LEDs look like in the sample as well as using them to dial in the RGB LEDs to get JUST the right shade of yellow (PMS116C to be exact).

Read the full case study here.

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Distraction Dots Keep People Safe From Running Into Windows

Quick video of installing distraction dots in a corporate setting. Large facilities that are mostly glass need to ensure their visitors and employees safety. Distraction dots help people "see" the windows.

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Behind the Curtain

See inside 65,000 sqft of sign manufacturing. Interior, exterior, custom, and standard products all are represented. From design concept to final install ASI Signage - Latimer Group covers the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

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