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Venus Panel System

Mon, 02 May 2016


The Venus Panel product line is a durable, flat-face modular interior signage system designed for architectural environments. Venus panel is comprised of an anodized aluminum extrusion body, an optional design accent bar and insert options that provide a flexible system with a distinguished look. As a result of these design options, Venus has become very popular with architects, designers and end users.

The inspiration behind Venus Panel is to take a panel sign and be able to upgrade the look with different components so that it becomes a budget-friendly, easy to personalize and custom-made solution.

For example, Venus allows you to:

  • Add a backer or a backer with a design component
  • Add a custom made accent bar
  • Create a shape that looks like an accent with the lens for the window
  • Cut the extrusion diagonally

Product Advantages:

  • Frameless: Clean look of aluminum and a clear anodized finish. With a window to replace the changeable insert, the supplied template allows your sign to be completed in-house for maximum flexibility.
  • Budget Minded: Competitive price for a custom-made solution.
  • Popular with end users: A large telecommunications company has purchased more than 50,000 units during the past eighteen months. Other companies have completely integrated the panel system in their facilities with plans to further expand the use of the product.

Custom Solutions:

A designer for a leading bank requested a new extrusion size for use in their 160 branch locations for a new corporate standard. For large projects, additional designs and extrusions can be created to meet your needs.

Future of Venus:

Upcoming product developments are in the works for 2016, including:

  • New 5” overall height with a window height of 2.5 ": Can be used multiple lines of text with braille.
  • New 7.3” overall height with a window height of 6".

Features and Options:

  • Standard clear anodized finish
  • Non-standard anodized colors: black, blue, red, and gold
  • Curved and flat-panel options can be cut at custom angles
  • LTV series vinyl graphics and appliqué available
  • Set-screw helps prevent tampering of insert lens
  • C-clamp cubicle mounting available
  • Updateable window makes panel ideal for library stacks

Standard Sizes for Extruded Panel:

  • Flat-panel sizes: 4”x4”, 4”x 6”, 4”x8”
  • Curved-panel sizes: 4”x 6”
  • Insert height is 1.375” and the lens has a matte finish

>> Download the Venus Panel data sheet

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