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Lunch-n-Learn Training Sessions: Signs 101

Thu, 11 Feb 2016


ASI's commitment to providing innovative solutions for architectural environments includes training and educating professionals in the community. This month our central Iowa team has begun a series of "Sign 101" lunch-n-learn sessions focused on sharing information about our newest systems and products, new technologies, materials, and sign applications.

The main focus is to reintroduce ASI to our local architectural community, as we truly want to be their consultant, with the expertise and resources to provide them with the correct information to make the proper choices when specifying products.

Some of the main areas of interest have been:

  • ADA and accessibility guidelines

Signage is often an afterthought in the building and construction process. Yet in today’s world, signage carries a large code responsibility and is your least expensive but most effective form of advertising (branding).

  • Value-engineering and design innovation

New technologies and materials provide a wide assortment of possibilities to achieve a design-intent through cost-effective means.

  • Digital

New technologies have made leaps and jumps in the area of digital signage (both interior and exterior applications).

  • LED

Exterior sign illumination with cost-efficient, low-maintenance LED units (in lieu of traditional fluorescent lamps) has become increasingly popular and now with multi-function capabilities, they can product multiple colors, create full color light shows and amazing effects.

  • Wayfinding

Often signage is also tied to the interior design of a facility. Interior finish materials often identify pathways, departments, transition points, etc. Signage should work with these subtle clues to enhance circulation and navigation.

Contact us for more information on our training programs and visit our continuing education page to schedule a lunch & learn on the topic of your choice.

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