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Reflection™ - Versatile Flat Faced Solution for any Surface or Environment


ASI is widely considered as a leader on ADA code compliant signage. We are proud to offer solutions for interior office signage, exterior signage, and digital signage.

So when we add a new product to our portfolio, it has to meet our requirements for quality, durability, and flexibility for our clients changing needs.

This is why we are excited to introduce Reflection™, as part of our offering of interior architectural sign solutions.

Reflection™ was created to reflect current architectural trends. Its frameless sides expose highly polished acrylic panel edges, thus reflecting color, light and interior surroundings.

Crystal clear and elegant, it is easily applied on any surface and in any environment. Its extruded 3mm aluminum U-shaped frame secures the 5mm acrylic panels, allowing for a sturdy and durable appearance.

Its cost-effectiveness makes the wayfinding system consistent and clear throughout the project.

Applications include:

  • Wall mounted identity
  • Updateable window signs
  • Cubical signs
  • Table/desk signs
  • Projecting signs
  • A part of a donor recognition wall.

Reflection™ can be integrated into any of our other flat-faced systems and will complement any interior environment with modern elegance.

As other ASI products, Reflection™ is Sustainable and recyclable. ADA and Braille can also be featured on the acrylic panel using every possible technique: milling, burning, pasting, transparent material.

Contact us today for samples or to learn more about Reflection™

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