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Puzzle: Truly Lockable Insert Sign

Fri, 18 Nov 2016


No Tools Required

Puzzle is the only truly lockable paper insert sign that requires no keys or hardware for locking.

Puzzle is a complete sign family featuring wall and door mounted solutions, suspended signs, projecting signs and can be mounted to monoliths to create a unique solution.

Features of Puzzle Secure Signage

  • Secret locking system that requires no tools or key. System uses JigsawTM ABS components to facilitate sideways and upwards unlocking motion.
  • InhouseTM updatable paper insert window panels available in a wide range of foil nishes, including Metallic Series, Frosted Series, Natural Series and Pastel Series.
  • Aluminum components on monoliths, projecting and suspended signs available in any color selected from the Standard Finishes Grid panels: computer generated perforated printed inserts via Microsoft Word templates.
  • Window lens available in clear or green tinted acrylic.
  • Texting techniques include Grade II raster Braille, and Grade II Braille produced by Direct Jet UV 3D printer, ulta-graved text, heat bonded vinyl text, direct digital printing and ceramic text.
  • ISO 9001 1nd 14001 manufacturing process
  • Perforated paper available for inserts.

Sustainable Innovations

The PuzzleTM signage system is a durable, modular solution, which ensures that the system can be easily updated.

More Information

Download the Puzzle Product Profile PDF

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