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New wellness program: "A Sign of Good Health"

May 2017


ASI is beginning a new journey in Wellness in 2017. We have established a voluntary program called "A Sign of Good Health" to help protect our most important asset: our employees.

"The primary purpose of the program is education. You can learn a lot from the survey, your own searches, and talking to your physician or clinician. Our consultation is a time to answer any questions you may have or generate ideas for how to meet your goals." - Wendy Ramsey, Lean and Green, Inc.

We have partnered with Wendy Ramsey, Lean and Green, Inc., to utilize a program that has been developed for small businesses like ASI. The program is focused on a lifestyle health assessment, one-on-one consultation with a health coach, employee well-being, and a health insurance financial incentive. The program goal is to provide each employee an opportunity to:

  • Identify health risks
  • Provide access to resources for understanding the possible consequences of health risks
  • Understand the benefits of reducing or eliminating those risks
  • Identify health behavior changes that can improve other aspects of life

For several years now, ASI has had an employee led incentive to provide encouragement and motivation to be more active. "BeWell" was created by two employees, Ashley LaRue and Michele Jensen, who were making healthy changes in their own lives and invited other employees to join them. It started out as a walking challenge, but as the seasons changed and the weather got colder, they created more indoor-friendly challenges that included exercises, planking, squatting, and yoga. Participants use a tracking sheet for each challenge; all who complete the challenge go into a drawing for a gift card.

"I had not been to the doctor in six years, and this prompted me to go in for a checkup, which revealed a serious health issue. I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Thanks to the Wellness program, I am getting the help I need to hopefully be around for many years to come." – Terry Maxfield, Estimator

Why add a corporate wellness program at ASI? Studies continue to confirm results such as lower absenteeism, higher employee job satisfaction, improved productivity, higher employee retention, and lower health care costs. While these factors played into our decision, the biggest driver was that our employees asked for it. Healthier options in the vending machine, providing fruit (not just donuts) at our monthly meetings, standing desks, and a wellness incentive for their health insurance.

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