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Infinity™ - Versatile Architectural Signage Solution for Interior Environments

Infinity ADA Sign

What do Jetblue Airways, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Children’s hospital Boston, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Cincinnati Zoo have in common?

They have chosen Infinity™ as the solution for their Wayfinding challenges, along dozens of other companies, for its unlimited possibilities supported by simple, elegant engineering.

This architectural signage system utilizes a patented, perforated chassis with an exclusive, patented attachment and registration system to allow repeated updates and to ensure precise alignment of elements regardless of configuration, size material or design.

Infinity™ can also be used without the chassis and have a foam-backer, which provides a more economical solution and provides standard shapes and custom profiles.

Some examples of the possible configurations are:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Suspended
  • Countertop
  • Monolith
  • Floor-stand
  • As a desk sign
  • Over a partition or cubical

Since you can print directly onto the panels, designers also have the freedom to integrate bold or subtle design features to help better communicate your brand identity and ensure the interior signage complements the architectural environment.

Infinity™ is ADA-ready and ISO 9001 compliant. It is also a sustainable system. It is durable and modular, which ensures that the system can be easily updated or repaired. The components can also be easily disassembled and sorted into appropriate recycling processes at end-of-life.

While signage is critical to reinforcing your brand’s identity, it also needs to communicate messages and directional information clearly. Infinity’s modularity and versatility helps meet all the requirements of a successful interior signage project implementation.

Contact us today for samples or to learn more about Infinity™.

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