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Fast Track Signs Rebranding - Danfoss Case Study

April 2015


Danfoss is a world-class provider of mobile hydraulics for the construction, agriculture, and other off-highway vehicle markets.

Back in 2008, the company acquired a controlling interest in Sauer Holding GmbH and renamed itself Sauer-Danfoss. In 2013, Danfoss acquired all remaining publicly held shares of Sauer-Danfoss and changed their name again to Danfoss Power Solutions.

The purchase required an international re-brand of interior and exterior signage at their multiple facilities. This was a fast tracked project at multiple sites globally, that needed to be completed within an 8-week window in partnership with Modulex, that Danfoss had already established as their sign-standard. Modulex is a Danish company like Danfoss, distributed exclusively by ASI.

The project entailed design, programming message schedules and installation as well as negotiations with the cities of Ames, IA, Freeport and Love Park, IL and St. Paul, MN to comply with code.


Products ranged from large internally illuminated monoliths, face-lit channel letters, wayfinding monoliths as well as interior wayfinding and room IDs.

Curved faces drove the selection of products. Large curve faced custom monoliths as well as Pacific exterior wayfinding monoliths were utilized for the exterior. The interior utilized Pacific interior, which kept in sync with the design intent. This project was a part of new brand identity program. Curved face elements and bold red colors brought attention to their brand at each of their locations.

ASI planners enhanced an existing system that was replaced and added needed elements to the wayfinding, utilizing additional wall mount directionals as well as overhead department identifiers. There were multiple facilities that included corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and shipping facilities. All aspects of signage were used at each location. Identification and wayfinding on the factory floor brought new challenges to comply with OSHA regulations.

The result is a mix of sign products that maintain a similar component and compliment the brand, as Danfoss requested.


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