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FasciaFreestyle - Slim and Modern Sign System

May 2015


As a leader in interior signage, exterior signage and digital signage solutions, we are always excited to introduce new and innovative products to our catalog.

We are now offering FasciaFreestyle, a bright, simple and unique system that brings fun and versatility into the wayfinding industry.

The FasciaFreestyle system can be used for the following applications:

  • Room ID,
  • Desktop,
  • Cubicle,
  • Projecting, Directories.

FasciaFreestyle has a negligible frame of only 0.28” as viewed from the side and 1/16” thick from the front. The graphic message in the FasciaFreestyle system is clear and emphasized.

It features modular panels in various horizontal and vertical configurations and in different sizes and colors. A perfect play between customizable and standard signage, the modularity of the FasciaFreestyle system allows for freedom of design with great ease. Each panel is secured by magnets to the back plate and can be simply moved and removed while incorporating window modules, in/out sliders and notebars for a comprehensive signage solution fitting the office environment, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

FasciaFreestyle system properties and features:


Slim and flat with clean, modern lines

Floats off the wall

Sleek design with a combination of material options

Ultra-thin frame, virtually frameless


Frame and back plate are machine made, cut and assembled for greater precision and accuracy.

Panels are machine cut either by laser or CNC


Magnetic back plate allows for easy reconfiguration of panels, horizontally and vertically with precise registration.

Inserts & Panels

ADA-Ready™, direct print technology (Print-on-Panel), Silkscreen, or Vinyl graphics on matte acrylic panels and other materials such as alubond panels. (minimum 0.78”/2mm thickness)

Window - anodized aluminum U-shaped frame window module with acrylic lens to hold a paper.

Clear anodized aluminum dividers.

Can be changed easily.


Quick and simple installation.

Can be screwed or taped to the wall.


The FasciaFreestyle system is a cost-effective solution for interior needs making the wayfinding system consistent and clear throughout the project.

Industry sectors

Healthcare facilities, universities, museums, corporate buildings, financial facilities, retail businesses, libraries and more.


The frame and aluminum dividers of the FasciaFreestyle system are made of anodized aluminum, a sustainable and recyclable resource.

Contact us today for samples or to learn more about the FasciaFreestyle system.

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