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Expert Profile: Justin Hart

April 2019


You’re most likely to find Justin Hart, Business Development Manager at ASI on the road. He manages architectural signage projects for clients throughout Nebraska and into western Iowa, but Hart lives in Lincoln. “I drive about 100 miles a day,” Hart says. “I’m either coming into the office or meeting with clients, which takes me all over the state.”

While he’s famous within the IT department at ASI for racking up record-breaking data usage while listening to podcasts on the road, he’s best known by his clients for going above and beyond.

Goes All Out for Clients

Hart helped the American Cancer Society when they had issues with a custom sign order for their Hope Lodge facility in Omaha. At the time, they weren’t one of his clients, but they had some signs (from another company) that needed to be installed quickly before their grand opening. He made it happen, and they’ve been working with him ever since. “It’s amazing what a little kindness can do,” Hart says. “We helped them out in a pinch, and now they’ve come back to us several times for their signage across the country.”

He also worked with the YMCA of Greater Omaha find a creative solution for their donor recognition wall. While making a bid for the interior ADA signage, he was able to make a pitch for the donor recognition project with an ultra-creative solution from ASI designers. Read all about the Lakin YMCA project here.

Hart, who’s been with ASI for three years, is a go-getter who knew he’d have his work cut out for him. “I have big shoes to fill,” Hart says. “When Todd Carey transitioned to VP of Sales & Marketing, I took over for one of the leading salesmen in the industry. He’s a legend. I strive to carry on his legacy by going the extra mile for our customers.”

Close to Home

Family is important to Justin and his wife Jessie. With the arrival of their new baby girl, Cameron, joining big sis Landon they’re fortunate to live close to extended family for both support and cousin play time. Landon is already learning all about signage.

It’ll be a while before he gets back out on the golf course.

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