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Enhance Every Experience With Near Field Communication (NFC)

July 2019


Every day, increased technological innovation comes into our lives to help make this world more accessible. Why should static signage be any different?

With the increasing prevalence of NFC technology in the world around us with things like Apple pay or transit ticketing. Mirtec NFC has taken this innovation and brought it to the world of Signage. NFC technology is Near Field Communication which relies on tech that is already in the palms of our hands through our smartphones. All smart phones on the market today contain an NFC antennas. This allows anyone with a smartphone, the ability to interact with these tags and make static signage interactive.

4 Benefits of Near Field Communication (NFC) for Signage:

  1. Enhance and extend an experience. A visitor can take dig deeper and learn more through videos, downloads, sign-ups, appointment scheduling, pictures, etc. AND take it WITH them on their phone.
  2. Indoors or outdoors, NFC devices are durable with a typical lifespan of over 20 years. Provides information when people need it where they’re at.
  3. Tell the bigger story or the behind the scenes story. Using video
  4. Low barrier to entry. The NFC tags are a nominal expense. There are no construction costs, very simple/user-friendly to program with content that you or your client probably already have set up.

Imagine the possibilities...

Wayfinding capabilities that automatically pop up an animated map of your facility that shows a user how to get from point a to point b with a map in the palm of their hand.

Hear signage information. ADA braille signage, NFC allows the user to actually hear the room or area they are trying to access be read aloud.

A self-guided tour through a museum or gallery, increasing knowledge and patronage of your exhibit/s, by providing additional data previously unavailable.

Room Scheduling. Could scan and show the company conference room schedule that allows you to see who is in that space and allows you to book from the convenience of your own device.

Multi-Lingual. Translate a sign without taking up valuable wall real estate that has been a limiting factor in traditional signage.

Donor stories or calls to action. Give guests additional video or web content to the static donor walls and increase the visibility to the donors and also potentially enticing new donors with added value.

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