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Tue, 27 Sep 2016


ASI Signage Innovations has been using Samsung MagicInfo, a very versatile line of digital displays that feature on-board software for digital signage applications. The best part about this software is that the media player is included with every display in the Samsung DB series - at no additional cost!

Easy to Manage Digital Signage

This system comes with over 40 stock templates where the user can upload their own images, videos or pdf files and adjust the text to fit the particular application. The MagicInfo comes standard with all of the display sizes in the DB series (10”, 22”, 32”, 40”, 48”, 55”, 65” & 75”). This system is accessed by placing content on a USB and/or SD Card for use on the display and the content is controlled by the standard Samsung remote control that is included with the display.

The MagicInfo software is a basic, entry-level application that allows the user to design and schedule content quickly and easily without the expense of separate media players and software applications. In addition, the Samsung DB series of displays will accept input of external media players using HDMI and VGA inputs, if a third party software solution is used.

This system allows the use of pre-loaded templates with existing content (images, videos, etc.) that they may already have in their possession. No need for special graphic designers, or software engineers. The system also allows users to schedule up to three different templates at a given time. This keeps the content fresh, updated and interesting, keeping your company's digital signs looking brand new.

Custom Enclosures for a Richer Look.

Digital displays can be much more than just a TV screen. A digital signage display includes an enclosure, custom designed to integrate into the existing architectural environment where the sign is placed. The face panels can also be customized into a wide range of designs, colors and finishes to meet the interior decor or branding needs of the client.

All of the Samsung DB series of displays can be installed using a wide variety of display mounts. The screens require power and data to the screen locations but also have an internal wireless access point.

Samsung is constantly improving these displays and new models are introduced frequently. This DB Series platform is very versatile in the entry-level usage of digital signage and has the flexibility to be expanded with future growth.

To learn more about our digital signage offerings, and how your organization can benefit from digital signage, contact us.

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