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Design-Build Series Part 1: Introduction

Wed, 27 Apr 2016


The Design-Build process with regard to signage is a unique process to deliver a highly professional consultative and creative service consisting of logical, sequential steps to analyze, plan, design, specify, document, implement and maintain identity and wayfinding signage solutions that meet client expectation for interior and exterior signage solutions.

Your facility’s wayfinding system is an essential component of your image and a direct reflection on your facility’s operations. An effective signage program creates such a system which moves people efficiently, minimizes confusion, improves perceptions of your facility, your brand and ultimately makes everyone’s job easier — including yours.

ASI | Design-Build Services is a proven methodology for achieving such a signage program in the most effective and economical way. Progressive corporations, real estate developers and management organizations around the country, have used ASI | Design Build Services to realize immediate gains in efficiency in terms of schedule, traffic circulation, design, planning and implementation processes while also achieving cost savings.

The hallmark of the Design-Build process is the single source capabilities to deliver comprehensive circulation and codes analysis, planning and design development and documentation as well as an integral implementation process for your facility’s signage program. Customized to meet your specific project objectives, the Design-Build process utilizes the analysis of your circulation patterns and code requirements to produce professionally documented program planning and establish detailed design and construction specifications used to implement every sign type needed in your facility. Ultimately reducing project schedules, sets the quality standards, establishes and holds budgets, facilitates smooth program implementation, simplifies system maintenance, and improves reordering and maintenance of your program through our On Line Ordering technology.

Five Key Elements

  1. Need By understanding your organization and your goals, we provide insight into effective solutions and establish long-term results, not just short-term fixes.
  2. Design Your brand is projected in comprehensive and sophisticated designs that are consistent with your image.
  3. Function Our integrated approach ensures your solutions are functional, consistent with your goals, and most importantly, focused on solving your needs.
  4. Budget By working together to establish a budget early in the process, there are fewer questions and delays along the way and more time spent on developing a cost effective program with maximum value.
  5. Time Our unique setup substantially reduces delivery times for projects by streamlining all phases into one smooth, efficient process.

Why Choose ASI

  • Innovators in Digital signage
  • Custom manufacturing capabilities
  • Seamless integration into architectural environments
  • Production designers work IN our manufacturing plant
  • Creates a distinct atmosphere
  • Fully knowledgeable of ADA regulations
  • Can assist in getting LEED Certification
  • Modular capabilities for easy updates
  • Well trained and experienced project management team working IN our manufacturing facility
  • Active members of the SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design)
  • Over 40 years of experience

Design-Build Process


Read part 2 of the Design Build Series, where we cover a case study example of a Design Build project.

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