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Creative Outdoor Signage: Specialty Healthcare for Pets

August 2019


MedVet, the 2nd largest Animal Hospital in North America has recently opened its doors here in Chicago.

Are you a dog or a cat person?

Me personally I am a dog person, nothing against the felines, however, I think they will eat you in the moment of your ultimate demise. In fact, I am the proud human parent of a certain Fido officially named "Boston Brady Little Papi.” The wife would not allow me to slip “Belechik” into the name. Oh well, we pick and choose our battles and we call him "Bobo" for short. That's us 👉🏻

Anyway, the reason I ask is that MedVet, the 2nd largest Animal Hospital in North America has recently opened its third location here in Chicago. And we were fortunate enough to partner on their custom exterior signage during the planning phase of this project.

MedVet: A Signage Project

Paying attention to your surroundings.

I had driven by this abandoned property for years, it's just down the street from our ASI Chicago office. When I saw early construction happening I promptly introduced myself and was put into contact with the developer, located in Ohio. After learning more about the project and the ambitious branding goals, I knew we could help.

A Big Challenge: Branding the existing chimney. Chicago city code doesn't allow signage to be installed that high in the air, the outdoor signage needed to match their brand's "blue" perfectly AND we did not have access inside the chimney to run power for illumination at night.

A Coordinated Solution: During pre-construction, ASI designers Andrej and Nick came up with design options for a variety of illuminated logos, two interior logos, a cabinet, and two sets of channel letters that would ultimately hang 40 feet in the air on the chimney. We applied for a special exemption with the City of Chicago (which may sound easier than it actually is). Through close collaboration with Macon Constuction, electricians, and the developer we matched blue day/night vinyl on the chimney letters as well as matching the channel to the chimney color. Lastly, with no interior chimney access, power was run across the roof to illuminate the letters.

The final piece was a cutout of a dog paw print in their logo. Andrej worked his magic to design this just how they wanted it. It’s fulfilling to be a part of a facility that is going to help animals that need them.

It Takes a Village

Projects like this is why I love my job. Working closely with numerous parties to make sure that everyone sees their vision in the final project is SO fulfilling. The bonus on this project is that I was able to work with a client that helps keep animals, like my Bobo, happy and healthy.

About the Author: Carmine Giso, Chicago Sign Expert

Carmine happily adds this Veterinary healthcare project to his long list of healthcare projects. His years of signage experience shines through in both customer service and unique sign challenges, like chimney signage.

Have a signage challenge in Chicago? We have a guy for that 👉🏻

Learn More About Carmine Here

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