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Continuing Education: Wayfinding, the Psychology of Movement


The science of wayfinding is a comprehensive process designed to orient people, as well as guide them to their desired destination. The messages displayed on signs must minimize the natural confusion a visitor feels when arriving at a facility. Signage is the key component
 of any successful wayfinding solution and they must work together to ensure that messages are clear, legible, in the right place and accessible to people regardless of language or physical ability.

Effective and appropriate wayfinding solutions don’t happen by accident but instead require careful planning and forethought. In order to derive the greatest financial benefits, an organization must integrate wayfinding at the beginning of its facility’s design and construction process rather than at the end. Fortunately, modern wayfinding solutions – from flexible modular signs to interactive digital displays – excel in meeting just about every need an organization may have, whether it’s enhancing a visitor’s experience throughout a facility or reinforcing the organizational brand, or both.

At ASI, we’re an approved AIA Continuing Education (CE) Provider and offer a variety of CE courses related to architectural signage. Our AIA accredited class will help you understand wayfinding and apply it successfully in your environment.

Course Title: Wayfinding, the Psychology of Movement

AIA Provider Number: J241

Learning Unit: 1 Hour HSW

Course Learning Objective:

  • Introduction to wayfinding concepts and terminologies
  • Conducting a wayfinding assessment of a building or location
  • Applying traffic flow theories to a location
  • Determining the necessary placement of signage to support a location

We are available to discuss any wayfinding questions with you and provide consultation on your project. Please complete the form below to schedule a CE session. If you are interested in our other CE courses, click here.

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