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Expert Profile: Carmine Giso

February 2019


Boston Boy Makes a Great “Sign Guy” in the Windy City

For the Love of Signs

17 years ago I had this boss who was trying to get me to sell signs for commercial construction, and all I could think about were those red glowing exit signs. Then he showed me how signs were incorporated into an architectural plan, how design mattered, and how signs helped with wayfinding and ADA code compliance. I was intrigued. To this day, I still love to see how signage accentuates a space. It improves the aesthetic and it’s also functional.

Working with clients everyday is what gives me energy. Being able to bring expertise in products, and knowledge of sign codes makes it that much easier for my clients as they work through rebranding or a new building project. My greater Chicago area territory allows for a variety of projects including schools, hotels, healthcare, hospitality and senior living signage.

Love for Pushing Capabilities

I have a special place in my heart for donor recognition. To be able to help a client honor the people that helped literally BUILD their facility gives me joy. Also, with technology advances we can digital print on nearly anything. So pushing the boundaries of our capabilities is invigorating and finding products that help my clients stay on budget is key.

Love of Family...and a GOAT

Eh! What can I say, my wife and teenage sons keep me busy and so do my Patriots! I’m originally from Boston, and I’m a huge Patriots fan. My dog is even named after Tom Brady.

Love of Life

If I could go on an all expenses paid vacation I’d take my wife to Hawaii and find a quiet beach (preferably one of those black sand beaches I’ve heard about) and just watch the ocean! There’s not a lot of time or ability to do that in Chicago.

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