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Tue, 01 Sep 2015


20 Locations, 200 Sign Types, 4 Administrators, No Problem...

ASI’s Online Ordering Service (OOS) is a powerful and intuitive, web-based system that streamlines the often complex process of ordering incremental signage without compromising brand integrity.

Administering the program is simple: sign types, colors and text styles are pre-defined to ensure each sign conforms to identity and messaging guidelines. Users simply choose an appropriate sign type, input the message and order directly from the web. No illustrations or specifications are required. It’s all been taken care of to ensure you can focus on business and leave the signage to us.

Preserving Brand Consistency

Each online catalog is configured to the client’s exacting brand guidelines, specified for any number of sign types. As companies expand and evolve, the integrity of the program lies intact in the online system; no need to review a complex sign manual. Ordering is a simple process of selecting the correct sign type, adding text, installation and shipping method, with no risk of jeopardizing the original design intent.

Adapted to Each Unique Business Environment

The Online Ordering Service is perfect for multi-location organizations and adaptable to the specific business needs of each company. Catalogs can be organized by interior, exterior or even business division. Administrators can provide secure access to users at different business locations, allowing each one to view, configure and order, signage specific to their local needs.

Right the First Time, On-Time, as Promised

Though simple to use, the Online Ordering Service is a powerful project management tool which facilitates clear direction and communication between client and ASI. The guidelines built into the system ensure that the product is configured and ordered accurately. Electronic confirmations and status updates provide reassurance that your order is delivered on-time, on-budget.

Manage Your Entire Program

Set permissions and grant secure access to other users in your organization who will also be ordering signs from your catalog. Multiple locations - different divisions? No problem. Client administrators can control which locations and catalog each of their users can order from, to avoid confusion.

Streamline the ordering process

Check the status of your order and view your order history. Electronic notifications keep client users informed of their order status. The site's personal messaging service keeps clients up-to-date with information about service enhancements and order updates.

Choose a Sign Catalog


Begin using OOS by simply selecting your project and location. Then choose the appropriate signage catalog, sign types and quantities desired.

Add Sign Messages


Add sign messages for all signs requiring a message. “No message required” will be displayed adjacent to standard signs that do not require a message be input.

Review and Submit Your Order


Confirm the sign type, quantity ordered, message, and price for each ordered product. Verify the delivery information and simply select “Submit Order.”

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