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Our “why” is people, family, and relationships.

Tom and Dianne Latimer, started this business in their garage in Grinnell, Iowa. Tom pitched his first "big deal" with the promise of hiring more Iowa employees if they worked with him. The deal closed and here we are today. That first "big deal" was with Principal, in Des Moines, and launched ASI in 1985. Tom's tenacity built the company and is the template for going after "big deals."

Latimer Associates, Inc. is well over 100 employees and includes 60,000+ square feet of manufacturing capabilities. Michael McKeag is at the helm, and members of the Latimer family are partners, sit on the board, and are engaged in leading the company.

We’re “old school” we believe in developing relationships and building trust, and that’s why we have experts in the field. We value conversations to talk through goals, options, budgets, and concerns. It's how we do good business.

Our core values are to be trusted and creative professionals that lead with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

ASI Signage Innovations creates direction by planning and designing architectural signage to enhance the customer experience for the brands we serve.